flea123 (flea123) wrote in realsex,

morning shift

i woke up this mornin really happy, because last nite me and my girlfriend jenny had the most amazing sex that was possible we always have amazing sex, but this time it was sooo intense, we started kissing passionatly, and soon i was inside her,with no lube, she was wet soo wet it was unbelivable. we had started to have intercourse but were being too loud as friends were stopping over downstairs. she told me i could go down on her, i shot under the covers and started to part her wet pussy lips with my fingers and i started to insert my tounge into her warm love. after a few mins i was licking her and she was enjoying it soo much, i inserted all my fingers into her soppin wet pussy leaving my pinky finger to slot easily into her tight little bum hole. she loved what i was doing even when i was using my pinky in the brown. i was using my tounge at the same time and i brought her to orgazm after about 15mins of doing this. she was so wet and sticky it was amazing, she was shocked that she loved my finger up her ass, she thought it was soo dirty in a sexy way. i strongly reccomend oral to everyone who is a litle shy of doing it. one question have any of you girls got any suggestions on what to do with my finger in her ass for more stimulation???
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