padro_m (padro_m) wrote in realsex,

My juicy story,

Ok everybody here we gooooo....
Me and my one gringo friend you see, we were at this party, it was at his house. And I walk past his bedroom and I see this beautiful hoochie up in his bed right man. So I walk over to my friend, he was in his bathroom right?... I knock on his door and I yell, "Hey Gringo man, there's this hot hoochie in your bed man, she's naked and I think she was masturbating bra!" and he says ok. Then I go outside to take a piss and I see her from outside through the window right. Oh man this bitch was fine, she had big knockers too man, hot round ass nice and firm... at least I think it was firm and all. But anyways I see gringo go inside and she starts kissing him bra, yes, that's right, gringo was gonna be getting some tail man! So they start going at it right, he was banging her hard, her big titties were flopping everywhere man!! I almost dropped my beer at least twice! So I was all excited about it, so I started yelling "GO GRINGO, GO!!"" and the bitch got up and closed the curtains! That suck man, but hey at least I got to watch gringo and the hootchie go at it for a little bit. Me... no action, but I sure had a good time that night!
Hope you all like my story and get laid man, get the tail man.
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